Introducing Break Into Biz Dev

The first program with exact strategies, word-for-word scripts, and proven tactics to land a Startup Business Development Job

So you want to do business development for a startup? That’s awesome!

Maybe you’re here today because you feel like something is holding you back from making this a reality. Things like the fact that:

  • you don’t have much relevant work experience
  • you can’t get past the online application process
  • you have no idea what to do once you’ve identified the company you want to work for
  • you can’t figure out how to prove to someone that they should hire you

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

A lot of people think that these challenges are what is holding them back from getting the startup dream job they’ve always wanted.

They know they’re capable, but they just can’t get past these roadblocks.

The truth is, you can overcome the challenges like the ones above RIGHT NOW. You just need someone whose done this before to show you the way.

When I graduated college, I couldn’t be more excited to start what I thought was my dream job working at a top sports agency…

But just 3 months in, I found myself vastly underwhelmed.

This is it? This was what I have to look forward to for the rest of my life? In short:

  • I was bored.
  • The work wasn’t intellectually stimulating.
  • I didn’t feel like I was growing or making progress in a career path I was excited about.

Considering I was spending half my waking hours at my job, I felt like I was wasting my life.

Then in month 4 of my job, I read The 4 Hour Work Week.


This book made me realize I wanted to become an entrepreneur…and not the kind that owned subway franchises.

I wanted to do tech startups because of the fast paced work enviroment, capacity for global impact, and chance to make some serious $$ if I could create something the world deemed as awesome.

Considering that I couldn’t code and had barely any work experience, I’d have to make it as a “business guy.”

**At the time, I didn’t know what that actually looked like, but I now realize that “business guy” usually falls under a business development role or the CEO in most startups.

Three years ago, I made the commitment to leave my unsatisfying job to burst on to the startup scene, help whatever company I was with achieve success, and make a name for myself as a badass business guy.

What Happened Next?

I achieved my aspiration of landing a business development job with a company that we sold for 100 million dollars.

I made a name for myself and got recognized as one of the top 25 under 25 in New York Tech.

Using the experience and connections I made, I started a side company that’s generating me 1000’s of dollars a month passively and now get paid 100’s of dollars an hour for business development consulting on the side.

Ironically, I now lead a location independent life not too dissimilar to the one I read about just 3 years ago in the 4 hour work week.


The bottom line: I did what I set out to do. Now I’m sharing the blueprint to help others do the same.

Today I want to invite you to a program that teaches you everything I know now and wish I knew when I decided that I wanted to break into the startup scene and do business development.
My goals for anyone that takes advantage of this to participate in this course:

  • Land your dream job at a startup so that the 50+ hours a week you spend at work is something that excites you.
  • Develop the mindset and tactical skills that will help you not only land any job you want in the future, but become a force in the startup scene for the rest of your career.
  • Learn how to build out a massively powerful network of people that will help reach actualize your career’s full potential

Now I absolutely cannot guarantee that you’ll buy this course and magically land the best business development job ever because ultimately it’s up to you to put all of the tactics I’ve never shared with anyone into action.

BUT I do know this stuff works and if you decide to use it, you will get results…

Here’s what a few people that I’ve helped land Biz Dev jobs have said:

2286215“I had a pretty successful career in Enterprise Sales in a non-tech industry and eventually got bored of the same ol same ol – so I decided to try and break into the SF start-up scene in a Biz Dev role. Turns out no one in the start-up world cares about what you did before or how successful you were. All they care about is – How can you get them to the next level? I took Scott’s “Break Into the Startup World : A Lesson in Business Development” and quickly realized I needed to really prove what I can do and stop talking about it. After several failed interviews and un-returned calls, I finally took Scott’s advice and volunteered to do a small project at a start-up for free. It ended up being a huge success which then led to a consulting gig and finally a full time dream job within 60 days.”
-Danoosh K, Biz Dev at General Assembly
528983_4342330444482_1252880741_n (1)There’s too much nebulous information out there about Tech- Biz-Dev and what a role in that space really entails. Scott Britton boiled it down, in layman’s terms, and provided me with the actionable advice to move in on a BD job in an intelligent way. Call him a precocious sage or whatever you want, the bottom line is his frank strategies and overall feel for the industry are undoubtedly invaluable for anyone who has BD on their radar.   
-Jared G, Biz Dev at Stella Service
00bff20Unless you’re a programmer or have technical talent, breaking your way onto the startup scene is incredibly hard. I really am lucky that I ran into Scott early on in my journey; his teachings about networking, strategy and of course business development were essential in my eventually landing a role leading BD at an awesome startup. He’s been so effective in turning his experiences into career lessons that everyone can benefit from, and I can honestly recommend Scott’s content, and this course, to anyone looking to grow their career – at a startup or elsewhere. ”
-Ron G, Biz Dev at SketchFab




Here is just *some* of what you will learn in Break Into Biz Dev:

  • Multiple strategies on how to overcome the common challenge of “not having enough work experience”
  • A proven approach to demonstrate to startups you want to work for that you are capable of doing a kickass job
  • The absolute first steps you should take if you know you want to work for a startup, but aren’t sure where to get started.
  • How to build relationships with people at the startups that you’re interested in working for
  • The blueprint for building out a powerful network of influential entrepreneurs
  • The exact conversational topics you should focus on when meeting with entrepreneurs and prospective employers
  • A proven methodology for getting someone you’ve never met before to meet you in person
  • A step by step guide for getting your online presence where it needs to be so startups take you seriously
  • Specific tactics you can employ before, during, and after an interview to stand out from the pack
  • Ways to avoid the online applications forever (and why this is soo important)

You’re Going to Get All of These Things

Over 9 hours of step by step training for every learning style (Video, Audio, and Slides). These are exact strategies, scripts, and concepts that you can use today!

Module 1 Your Foundation – Learn what business development is all about so you can speak the language. You’ll learn the 3 most common types of business development, the difference between sales and business development, and the proper framework for understanding what business development actually means.

Module 2: Business Development Success – The best way to grasp what makes someone successful is to understand the challenges they had to overcome. This module teaches you about the common challenges you’ll face as a BD person as well as the DNA of a badass Biz Dev person vs. a weak one. This is critical so you can properly position yourself during the job hunt.

Module 3: The Startup Hiring Jungle – The startup hiring process is unique. This is one reason why so many people that take a traditional approach to landing a startup job have unsatisfying results. This module demystifies the startup hiring ecosystem so that you have a framework for the exact steps you need to hack the hiring process.

Module 4: Building A Massive Support Network – This module reveals the most critical mindset shift that altered the trajectory of my career. I’ll give you the foundation for how to build out a insanely powerful network of influential people that hold the keys to you landing your dream job. Nothing gets you faster than where you want to go then people. That will never change. This module teaches you how to attract the right people in your life.

Module 5: Where Do I Start? – Even when you know where you want to get,  failing to understand the best place to start can paralyze you from making progress to where you want to go. Module 5 outlines the exact place you should start building out your support network and closing in on the prize.

Module 6: Using Events to Get In the Door – One of the best places to meet future members of your support network and even target companies is events. This module outlines how you can maximize events to build relationships with people that will push your goal. Ever wondered how to get someone awesome from an event to grab a coffee with you? This module covers that and much more.

Module 7: The 80/20 Networking Formula – This systems teaches you the exact methodology to systematically cultivate relationships with every and anyone you want to bring in your life. When I decided I wanted to have a career in startups, I made a list of 30 people that I thought could change the trajectory of my career in the New York Tech Scene. This system helped me connect with 20 of them in my first year of adopting it.

Module 8: How to Prove Yourself – I’ve seen people with no experience and no credentials, successfully prove themselves and land jobs using the strategies outlined in this module time and time again.

Module 9: Unconventional Strategies for Breaking In – Have you ever noticed that people who take an alternate route to get what they want often get it faster? This module highlights some unconventional, but proven tactics you can employ to converge onto the scene.

Module 10: How to Maximize Inbound Opportunities and Hunt Your Dream Job – Module 10 is all about closing in on your target. We review where you’re at, the different ways you can approach landing at the perfect company, and provide actionable strategies you can implement in order to optimize the plan of attack you decide to take.

Module 11: Interview Process Domination – This module teaches you how to hack the interview process. You’ll learn the road flare strategy, proof approach, and how to get the person that’s interviewing you fired up to meet you before you even step in the room.

Bonus Materials

*Interviews and case studies of how the top young business development professional broke into the startup scene themselves! You’ll also get some candid advice on what they tell someone who was looking to pull off this feat today. You’ll hear from the likes of

  • Alex Taub, Head of BD at Dwolla
  • Ryan Delk, Growth Lead at Gumroad
  • Ryan Jeffery, VP of Business Development at Belly
  • Max Altuscher, Founder of the Sales Hacker Conference and Formerly VP of BD at AttorneyFee

*7 Crystal Clear Action Guides. All the awesome strategies you’ll learn in this course aren’t nearly as effective if you don’t apply them effectively. I want implementing everything I teach you to be as painless and effective as possible which is why I created 7 action guides which outline the exact steps you need to take at each point of the journey. These guides take the thinking part out of it as much as physically possible, so you can focus on executing and taking leaps forward instead of wondering what to do next.

*Access to over 3.5 hours of recording coaching calls. You’ll get to go behind the scenes and listen to private coaching sessions I performed with a select group of students on how to land the business development job of their dreams. These calls oozing with transparency and tricks of the trade that people rarely if ever talk about publicly. Not me! I open the kimono and share everything that I wish someone would have taught me when I got started down this path.

*An Invitation to the Private Break Into Biz Dev Community. The fastest way to achieve your goals is to align yourself with people who have achieved what you want to accomplish and others who are striving towards the same thing. This is exactly what you’ll find in the exclusive Break Into Biz Dev community. When you join us, you’ll receive an invitation to a tight-knit group of motivated people that you can build relationships with, share best practices, and use as a sounding board. I would have done anything for something like this when I was starting out!

*The Break Into Biz Dev Ultimate Resource Guide – Have you ever wondered who you should follow on twitter? What about what blogs to read or podcasts to listen to if you want to get an edge on the competition? This resource guides saves your 10′s of hours of time by delivering everything you need to in a sweet digestible format.

*How to Get Meetings With Anyone Class

Since you’ll be needing it shortly after taking this class, you’ll be receiving access to my class on How to Get Meetings With Anyone. This was one of the highest rated courses on all of online learning platform skillshare and contains my exact methodology I used to successfully get meetings and deals with hundreds of companies I did not have a previous relationship with.


One of the most common traits of successful people is that they invest in themselves. They understand that there most valuable asset is their time and that the fastest way to get where they want to go is learn from people who’ve accomplished what they want to.

Here’s what some previous students that have invested in themselves by joining Break Into Biz Dev have said:

The course was great! I feel the content can be applied to any arena of business and professionalism. Break into Biz Dev a is road map to reach the industry one wishes to pursue. I would almost suggest you call you course Break into (your dream job).
Bryan K

Scott has helped me personally tremendously through his Break Into Biz Dev course.  Not only are his lessons transferrable to other jobs and industries, but he essentially saved me thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours.

I have continuously struggled to figure out how to get ahead.  Scott has been able to teach me something no one else has yet in life.  Don’t worry about the credentials; don’t worry about what your resume says; just get out there and take action and the results will come.
Please — follow Scott’s advice.  He’s wise and genuinely happy to help.  He saved me time, money, and taught me a whole lot.  If you want to get ahead, take his class, follow his advice, and take action

David B

I wanted to say that I appreciate the insight and approaches to BD from this class. This has allowed me to expand my opportunities. The mindset to take control and make “shit ” happen is empowering


Right now you have a choice. You can either:


1) Take what I’ve already taught you through the email series and go at it alone (bundle up, I heard it can get cold out there)

2) Invest in yourself to get every proven tactics that work so that you can get the fulfilling job you’ve wanted without wasting your time and energy making the mistakes that I did.

I’ll leave it up to you, but considering we spend half of our waking hours at work, I think investing 2 nights out in New York City in yourself is a good move.


This course is for:

  • People who want to change their situation and are willing to put the effort in required to accomplish that. If you’re simply going to sit there and not do anything, save your money for a Hollister sale
  • People interested in getting one of the few coveted, non-technical jobs at a startup, especially in business development
  • People interested in building out a vast network of influential people that will help them get the things they want in work and life

This course is not for:

  • People who will buy this, watch half of it, and do nothing to change their situation. WINNERS DO THE WORK
  • Someone who thinks that jobs will magically appear in their lap if they just wait long enough. You are not Aladdin and I am not a genie 
  • People who don’t see the value in having relationships with others

Are you ready to make this investment in yourself?


Do I feel bad about charging this? Absolutely not.

We’re talking about changing personal fulfillment for months if not years of your life here. And…this is the best content I’ve ever created and I charge more than this for one hour of my time. 

If you’re not going to invest the equivalent of 2 nights out in New York City on your life, than you’re probably not a good fit for this anyway.

If you are, I can’t wait to get started. I’ve helped some great people change their career situation by landing jobs at startups in the past few months and it has been incredibly fulfilling.

I hope to do the same for everyone that joins me on this journey.

Talk soon,



If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with the course and can provide a legitimate reason besides being a cheapskate, I will provide a full refund.

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